Colour me happy, I love painting walls!

Thinking like every other DIY-er we decided to scope out the colors at Farrow & Ball first. The quirky names and the lovely shades held an immediate appeal, even if the cost didn’t. Initially, we purchased the tester pots in a number of colors including Elephants Breath, Purbeck Stone, Light Blue, Manor House Gray, Plummett and Down Pipe (pictured below).

PalletteYou can see we were working within a certain range of colors and this was because we’d fallen in love with a fabric we wanted to use for our curtains. Deep, rich silver and “dots” set against navy, patterned in horizontal lines, it was perfect (and it still is).

To really get a feel for how the colors looked we painted large squares all over the room, to view it in different lights. Note we had already painted a mist coat on top of the new plaster. Let this be a warning that new plaster is thirsty and you will need to apply a mist coat before proceeding. Continue reading “Colour me happy, I love painting walls!”