Plumbing is a dirty business…

While the structural elements were being nailed (see what I did there?!) there was also some serious plumbing taking place, including the installation of a brand new boiler! Note in North America we would call it a “hot water heater”. Oh yeah… have I mentioned I’m not actually British? Sometimes I use American words to describe things to my British builder and he looks at me like I’m nuts. Most recently I asked him to provide “flood lights” and it was like I had spoken to him in Swahili. And I’m digressing…

So there she is in all her unconnected glory!

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You get what you pay for

You get what you pay for

It’s a cliche for a reason, but you really do get what you pay for, especially when it comes to architects or “architectural technicians” as the case may be.

When we bought the house, we knew we would need to extend into the back garden and into the recess in between our house and our property boundary. We also knew we wanted to take a few walls down and remove a chimney or two, to make the space open plan. In a larger home I wouldn’t necessarily go straight to open plan, but as we are in a terraced property, we are looking for ways to make the space feel bigger.

Eager to get started this process, we enlisted the services of the first architectural technician we met – a lovely man who shall not be named. We liked him immediately and his prices were the best around (e.g. what we could afford after having just bought a house). We couldn’t believe our luck! But was it really luck…?

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