What secrets lay beneath

As a result of all that stripping (oh la la!) we noticed that there were VERY large portions of original plaster “missing”. In fact, the plaster had broken down over time and it was only the chipboard wallpaper that was holding our walls together. Let this be a warning to those who stick their noses where they shouldn’t! So in addition to stripping wallpaper, my partner in crime also had to lug an inordinate amount of rubble to the skip, sat permanently in our front yard. You can see by looking at the photos, that we took everything back to the original brick work. It was a job indeed! SONY DSC Continue reading “What secrets lay beneath”

Adventures in plastering

Adventures in plastering

Of course, it wasn’t all bad! As the work progressed, we started to see the individual pieces come together, with more than a few surprises along the way…

One thing about working on an old house is that appearances are not always what they seem and wallpaper covers all manner of sins. Once we began to remove the chipboard wallpaper, we found that the plaster had blown on 2 of the walls in our bedroom and subsequently we have discovered blown plaster in every room in our house. We also discovered about 6 different layers of wallpaper and paint – it was a virtual tour of previous owner tastes and it was “interesting” to say the least!

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