What secrets lay beneath

As a result of all that stripping (oh la la!) we noticed that there were VERY large portions of original plaster “missing”. In fact, the plaster had broken down over time and it was only the chipboard wallpaper that was holding our walls together. Let this be a warning to those who stick their noses where they shouldn’t! So in addition to stripping wallpaper, my partner in crime also had to lug an inordinate amount of rubble to the skip, sat permanently in our front yard. You can see by looking at the photos, that we took everything back to the original brick work. It was a job indeed! SONY DSC Continue reading “What secrets lay beneath”

This kind of stripping doesn’t require a pole…

While the builders were getting to work, we also decided to get down to business. Obviously we’d worked on or own bedroom prior to the major structural work being completed and so we knew what we were getting into. In this instance it was more wallpaper stripping and plaster chipping. Such an exciting way to spend every weekend in the summer, right? IMG_3181First we started with the entryway and hallway. I can tell you now that stripping wallpaper is a sticky, sweaty, nasty business. I’d done it before so I’m not sure why I volunteered to do it again! That said, it feels good to finish a wall, stand back, and admire a job well done.  Continue reading “This kind of stripping doesn’t require a pole…”

The world at our feet

The world at our feet

Or underfloor heating to warm our feet, to be more precise. As explained, our dreams of having an additional bathroom and a laundry room had disappeared into the mists of construction hell. But what happens when life hands you lemons? You make lemonade.

In this instance, lemonade meant we were actually able to afford underfloor heating. I had always dreamed of installing underfloor heating as being from California means I’ve not been warm in about 11 years? But it felt like a splurge when we were already spending a lot of money. The bi-fold doors alone were enough to make me cry… And yes, we wanted bi-folds instead of the very popular Crittall window that’s popping up everywhere at the moment.

Back to the details…

Now we could have been sensible and put the money we’d saved towards inevitable overruns, but given we want the kitchen to be the showpiece, we went for it. With the boiler installed in the loft space, we had to run (what seemed like) several miles worth of pipework throughout the house. This piping runs to the kitchen and I’ve been told can all be controlled through a “wireless” sensor. Mind. Blown.

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Plumbing is a dirty business…

While the structural elements were being nailed (see what I did there?!) there was also some serious plumbing taking place, including the installation of a brand new boiler! Note in North America we would call it a “hot water heater”. Oh yeah… have I mentioned I’m not actually British? Sometimes I use American words to describe things to my British builder and he looks at me like I’m nuts. Most recently I asked him to provide “flood lights” and it was like I had spoken to him in Swahili. And I’m digressing…

So there she is in all her unconnected glory!

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Standing tall

Standing tall

So if you remember, in my last post I promised to talk about the structural elements of my build? Well, the interior walls could only be knocked down once the proper supports were in place. These supports included multiple “RSJs“… or rolled steel joints. See those big red beams in the photo below? Those are RSJs and they are now responsible for holding up half of my house! I wander down most mornings and take a peak, just to see if it’s still standing…


It’s a mess, isn’t it?!

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And the walls came tumbling down

So I’m not going to lie, I got a bit emotional when I came home from work and the original walls had been taken down. This emotion came from multiple places.


Firstly, it was so exciting to see this thing I had been imaging for two years finally coming to life. And it was better than I had imagined! Continue reading “And the walls came tumbling down”