How do you want to live in your house?

OB-Living Room V1

I know it sounds simple, but one thing we’ve really had to focus on is identifying what we want from each space and in particular, the kitchen and the living rooms. Two different experiences (working with someone else and desigining myself( have given me pause to consider how I think about space, its use and what will work best into the future.

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Shining a light on Party Wall Agreements


So, you remember my less-than-capable architectural technician…? Well, his parting advice was “you need a Party Wall Agreement” due to the nature of the work being completed, and that was about it. As an American who grew up in a “detached” house (and I use quotations to describe detached as that classification wasn’t something I had come across until I moved to the UK), this whole agreement thing threw me for a loop. He could have been speaking Swahili for all I knew about Party Wall Agreements. Continue reading “Shining a light on Party Wall Agreements”

And the lucky builder is…?!


If you guessed builder number four, you were right! Even though he was late and his organizational skills needed a bit of work, we felt he best reflected what we wanted in a builder.

Now I’ve said it before, but this is not a decision to be made lightly as this person will be responsible for the very foundations of your home. Your actual foundations, people. Continue reading “And the lucky builder is…?!”

You light up my life

As mentioned in my previous post, one of my chores during the renovation is to make a lighting plan for my house, as I’m conscious that at the moment our home is more Middle Ages than mid-century.

Good lighting is something we need desperately (and have done for years now). When we moved into the house, we had only viewed the property during the day and it never occurred to us to look at the existing lighting. (Are you sensing a theme, yet?) Continue reading “You light up my life”

Trip the light fantastic

As I go through this journey, the one thing I’m genuinely concerned about is … lighting. It seems so much more final than wall paint. So much more fixed than a sofa. Do I want a pendant light in the living room or downlights? What about dimmers? Do I want to showcase a piece of art? And if so, what lights are best for doing that? More concerning, when looking online, do you know if the lights will look nice in your space? How can you tell if they are high quality? Continue reading “Trip the light fantastic”