I’m floored…

Today I’m talking floors. Beautiful, wonderful, floors. Now, flooring is not only important, it’s expensive and choosing the right flooring can be complex. You have to think about the room (what floors are typically used in this room – you wouldn’t want to install carpet in a kitchen), how people use the room (wear and tear – is this a heavy traffic area), the style (are you re-flooring your kitchen and installing shaker cabinets or sleek, white, modern glossy, cabinets), heating (is there underfloor heating in the mix). Anymore, simply choosing a neutral carpet doesn’t cut the mustard. Lord, I wish it did! Sometimes I think we’re so spoiled it makes it difficult to choose anything, let alone the RIGHT thing. Don’t even get me started on door knobs…

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 16.05.26

So as a start, I’ve pulled together a little flooring guide, with pros and cons of each variety. Now, this is primarily for wood / wood-effect floors. I’ve included a porcelain tile option (as you can get tiles that look like wood – mind blown!) but I’ve left carpets and tiles out. I mean, what would I write about NEXT week, right? Now you’re asking yourself… what did SHE choose? Well, if you check out my Insta account you’ll see we went for beautiful Amtico Spacia in “Aged Timber”. We didn’t install it through the entire house, just the living room. We wanted a floor that wouldn’t scratch as easily and that was easy to maintain (hello terrible weather in the UK). We also knew we wanted a dark, dramatic floor.

When doing our initial research we looked at engineered wood but were warned of scratching and I have my heart set on filling the house with animals and babies. While hardwood would have been amazing, we just didn’t have the budget for it. And I would have died to have reclaimed wood (my day job is in corporate sustainability) but again feasibility and cost played a factor.

I should say the above makes it sound like we had to settle for Amtico and that definitely wasn’t the case. We were excited about it from the very beginning and it’s been a joy to see it installed in the house after so long. I’ve included some photos below, to show how our floors look with the newly installed Amtico. No scratches yet, so fingers crossed it stays that way!


Aren’t you just floored with how beautiful that is?!

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