Go on, put your feet up

So… I think the ONLY thing I’ve learned through this entire process is that building a home is really expensive! Even little plastic storage boxes are expensive. We’re running up a nice and hefty credit card bill at the moment and it freaking sucks. At the same time, there are just things that we still need. When we moved in together several years ago neither of us brought a lot of furniture with us and we’ve held off buying anything substantial, knowing we would need to furnish the house in its entirety.

One big purchase we’ve still yet to make is for a coffee table. The way our living room is laid out, the sofa runs along a wall and across from that is a wooden pigeonhole (I honestly don’t know what else to call it?!) Above the pigeonhole will be the television, once we scrape together a few coins to buy a new one. But in between those two items, we need a place to put our feet up. We need something to store all the weird curios we’ve picked up along our travels. And I’m at a loss because honestly, who knew coffee tables were so expensive!

Of course, I fell in love with the most expensive table on the block:

Clyde Coffee Table, £1379, Ligne Roset

Starting at a whopping £1379 it’s lovely and so far outside my budget, I can’t even find an excuse to buy it. There is no justification possible. Cue the dramatic tears and foot stomping circa when I was a child. And I might even be rolling around on the floor, refusing to get up. Oh well, right?

I will say, I’ve found a few other options that would look lovely in any space. Take the Leigh Coffee Table from West Elm. With it’s nod to Mid-Century Modern and it’s lovely marble top, it’s a beauty. That said, I know what West Elm costs in the US and it’st not bad value for money but in the UK it feels extortionate. I mean, £599 for a coffee table? Our dining table is likely to cost less. And for anyone in a similar position having just spent a small mortgage on renovating, handing over another £600 feels incredibly painful… When will the haemorrhaging stop?!

Leigh Coffee Table, £599, West Elm

Speaking of Mid-Century Modern, I actually really like the Hooper Storage Coffee Table from Made. I like the shape and the material (even though I’m trying to find a table with marble or maybe glass). It feels like something my parents would have had in their home when they were first married, placed alongside the Barcelona chairs my sister gave away to the Salvation Army for free (true story – not that I’m still bitter). It’s just cool. And at £179, not too shabby, right?

Hooper Storage Coffee Table, £179, Made

Then I thought to myself: “Screw it, what about just getting a massive footstool? You could put a chic little tray on it with a few coffee table books, and you wouldn’t need to feel guilty about putting your feet up.” I went down a rabbit hole and nearly bought the below ochre footrest. Come on… you know you love a pop of colour. Who amongst you wouldn’t want to come home to the sun!

Theodore Footstool, £390, Arlo & Jacob

And the before I could hit purchase, Mr Perfect helped me come to my senses. There’s no rush, right? So I’m continuing on in my quest and I’m letting these coffee tables slip through my fingers. I’m dithering because I know what I want and I can’t have it. So… what would you do? Would you settle or save?


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