Whatcha got cooking?

In my post regarding some of the plaster corrections we had made, I shared a few snaps of the kitchen. This post is all about that kitchen though, so get ready!

We were recommended this kitchen company by our builders and were assured that we would be overjoyed with the end result. We went to a few other providers for quotes (Ridgeons, B&Q, Howdens), but we liked the cabinets Parker Rose supplied and tentatively decided we would go with them.

From the beginning, the relationship was troubled. We often felt like we were an afterthought, with little care and attention being paid to the measurement and design. I’m not sure if this was because the kitchen was supply only (our builder was going to fit the kitchen) or because we weren’t spending enough for them to invest any time. Whatever the reason, we were definitely not a priority for either Rory or Simon. When we asked for additional features to be added, they were uninterested. For example, we wanted a rise on the breakfast bar as my partner is extremely tall and couldn’t physically fit under the bar they’d designed. When we asked for the rise, they seemed upset they would have to get bespoke cabinets made. In my mind, bespoke cabinets means more money for them, right? Apparently not.

We had to review every single detail of the drawing, as they wouldn’t confirm whether the appliances we wanted would fit into their design (spoiler alert, I had to send appliances back because of their laziness and I had to pay for that return). They even tried to charge us for appliances we sourced ourselves.

Furthermore, and this is the real shocker so brace yourselves, the kitchen was delivered and we’d never ordered it or put a deposit down. Can you believe that? We were, essentially, bullied into purchasing the kitchen. At this point, the build was months past its completion date, we were getting pressured by our builders to move things along and so we just decided to take it. What a mistake and a waste of time that would decision would prove to be…

So the installation began and we were assured it would look spectacular. In some respects, regardless of the problems we had experienced we were excited. Finally, after 6 months of crappy dinners, we would have a kitchen!

Cabinets Galore
More Cabinets
The installation
The installation

And then, all the problems we’d feared, started to rear their ugly heads. First and foremost, the extractor hood hadn’t been centred – in fact it sat to the right of the hob. We later found out that had we kept the kitchen, there wasn’t even enough height to have the hood functioning and so our kitchen wouldn’t have passed building control inspections. Dodgy, right?

Then the large panel sitting across the back of the breakfast bar was clearly scratched.  Rather than order a new one straight away, the designers sent a crayon and said it was “standard practice”. Regardless of whether it was standard or not, it was clearly not going to work in this instance. This panel would actually be the straw that broke the camels back and in the end, I was so happy to see it ripped out of the kitchen.

But I can’t spoil all the fun, now can I? For now, I will leave you with the following bit of advice. If you smell a rat, you’re probably right. Trust your gut like we should have done! To be continued…

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