Small Console-ation

While it might sound strange, one of the spaces I’m most excited about designing is the entryway to our home! While not for everyone and sometimes overlooked, I think the entryway should make a statement. We’ve picked some Victorian-style tiles, we’re prepping the Stiffkey blue for the walls, we’ve chosen the new skirtings, and we’re looking at a lovely kilim runner. Now, all we need is a sleek little console table (and the curio’s to go on top). I honestly can’t wait until Mr Perfect has somewhere to put his keys that isn’t “the first place I see”. 

Console tables are designed to be placed against a wall. Traditional console tables generally consisted of two curved legs and were fixed in place. As people tend to move their furniture on a regular basis, modern tables have four legs and can be placed anywhere appropriate in the home. They remain one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can own, as they can be used in practically any room of the home. Thin, stylish and useful, they also add a touch of class. As such, choosing the right table can have an incredibly positive impact on the home.

Luckily we benefit from a large corridor so can install a console table, but we definitely spent a lot of time measuring the space and discussing where we wanted to place the table. Our goal was to enhance the space and ensure the table wouldn’t become cumbersome. I also spent a lot of time looking for the right table, as the choice is endless.

In the end, we decided on the below number from Swoon Editions. I like Swoon for a lot of reasons. For example, this table is a limited edition of 29, which means only 28 other houses will have this particular table. The founders of Swoon originally set out to find good quality, hand-made products at an affordable price point. Like many renovators, they wanted to find new pieces for their home without breaking the bank.

Orla Console Table
Orla Console Table, Swoon Editions

What I love about this table, in particular, is the detail. We originally thought we wanted a marble top, however, the antique mirror was slightly different to the marble and I felt would translate across more rooms. I also liked the cross legs at the base, which I think adds a bit of whimsy while still being grown up.

I will say that in my searches I came across a number of beauties, and I’ve included a few of those below if the Orla doesn’t strike your fancy!

2 Tone Marble Console
Two-tone Marble Console Table, CB2

I like the dual shelf on this table. I’m not sure how you would style it? Though perhaps you could find some storage solution for paperwork if this sits near your front door?

Stellar White Marble Console Table
Stellar While Marble Console, Atkin & Thyme

This table, in particular, was too wide to fit into our hallway, but again, I love the legs. How fun are they? I also like the brass as it’s not a metal I’ve used very much in my home today (I’m a bigger fan of copper). This table just screams fun to me!

Edith Console Table
Edith Console Table, Andrew Martin

And last, but certainly, not least I loved this table but I definitely didn’t have the budget. What caught my eye was the tray top. It’s a nice and unexpected detail that adds a slightly different element to the table.

There you have it, my purchases and a few additional options. Now go “console” yourself with the notion that you’ll be purchasing a beautiful table of your own!

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