Swoon-worthy sofas

One of the things I am most excited about is having a sofa downstairs that I can curl up on when the weather is foul and the other half is out at the pub (not that he’s out that often, making me time all the more precious). But since we moved in three long years ago we’ve been living in our bedroom, which doesn’t exactly accommodate a sofa. Yes, we’ve spent 90% of our time in the bedroom and the other 10% in what was our kitchen. It’s a good thing we love each other, otherwise, I don’t think we would have lasted this long! And I digress…

Long before it was trendy, I wanted a velvet sofa. I didn’t know what colour I wanted or any of the specifics, but I knew I wanted something soft and luxurious I could sink into at the end of a long day. Living in Cambridge and commuting into London for works makes for a tiring week and downtime is precious to me. But while luxury was top of mind, so was the cost and let’s say I have champagne taste on a beer budget! Keen to start thinking about how we were going to design the space, I settled on a midnight blue and pulled together an inspiration board …

Once I started looking for actual sofas, I obviously fell in love with was this number one stunner (below) from the Conran Shop, but at a whopping £10,919 (when last I checked) it was well out of my league. Back to square one, right? But just look at those lines and those legs. Sleek, chic and everything I wanted a sofa to be.

Florence Knoll, Conran Shop

Taking the advice of other experts, bloggers, my mother, I decided to go and actually look at sofas, sit in them, check the quality of the build. It was off to John Lewis one rainy Sunday, where I came around to the idea of the “Draper” sofa, shown below in wool, not velvet. I mean it’s lovely, right? It’s just not £10,000 lovely! The nicest thing about using a store like John Lewis or other major retailer is obviously the ability to customise. You can choose from hundreds of colours, fabrics, textures etc. to customise the sofa to your needs. How does Harriet Midnight in Velvet sound to you?

Draper Grand, John Lewis

One of the things we were looking for was a bit more… structure. Neither myself or my partner like slouchy pillows and without some structure, I believe sofas date and look old really quickly. If I’m making the investment, I want something that will last for years, not look shabby in months. Take the below for example. It’s a beautiful sofa, right? Yet, the only thing I think of when I see it is those pillows. The more you sit on the sofa the more the foam (or whatever is inside) would break down and sag. Who wants a saggy pillow?! And apologies if you want a saggy pillow…

furniture village
Aria 3 Seater, Furniture Village

And now you’re probably thinking… who has £2,000 to drop on a sofa, right? Well, we ended up buying it on financing so we’ve paid it off over the course of 9 months and while was a good option for us it may not be a good option for other people. So I’ve tried to source a less expensive option below…

Pure 3 Seater, Wayfair

Who wouldn’t be happy with that little number?


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