The corrections

In my previous post, I mentioned that the plastering had gone terribly awry. While I didn’t go into specifics, you’re in for a treat now. One of, if not the biggest issue was the new kitchen ceiling. As said, in an older building you expect some wobbly lines but in a brand new space to have a sloped ceiling is completely unacceptable.


When measured, the kitchen ceiling was 2 inches out. So if you look at those wooden slats they are thicker towards the kitchen cabinets and they then thin out. This was to compensate for the slanted ceiling. It’s rather extraordinary in my opinion, that a new space could be so badly constructed. After the slats had been carefully measured, the end result was a new ceiling. Again.

IMG_3969IMG_3970And yet, when you look at the entranceway, you can see that even after “fixing” the walls,  the entranceway is not straight. What’s a girl to do, but to call a different plasterer who can hopefully correct what has truly become a mess?


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