The big pink

After all of this demolition, it finally came time to start to put things back together. When I say finally, I mean FINALLY! When we embarked upon this journey we were told that the build would be finished by end of June, early July at the latest. By the time we started putting the plaster on the walls we were already at the end of July and I was at the end of my wits.

Going through this process is not for the faint of heart and you have to be ready for all manner of delays and excuses. There are going to be times when you wish you’d never bothered and then you’ll see the hard work start to come together. For me, I had a moment of pure happiness when I came home from work and saw fresh, pink plaster all over the house… But unfortunately, that moment was short-lived and this isn’t a happy post.

So the whole house needed plastering. Like every single room. Looking at those walls, after the plaster originally went up I was over the moon. I mean… I took a video talking about how much I loved the plaster.

And then we got the spirit level out…

With an older home, you’re going to have some wonky walls and it’s going to be challenging if not impossible to get perfectly straight lines. You’re going to have to decide what issues you can let go of and what you can’t face looking at for the next year, 10 years, 20 years etc. In our case, at least two walls in every room needed to be fixed after the first plaster. Yes, you read that right.

How did this happen, you ask? You had a blank canvas to work with, you say. First off, we believed the plasterer doing our work was the head of the company and in reality, it was his apprentice. To make matters worse, the person who had put up the plasterboard (or dot and dabbed) hadn’t checked his work. So we had a newbie trying to correct the work of someone who was clearly uninterested in doing a decent job. I noticed things here and there that weren’t spot on, but I made the mistake of not saying anything at the time as I thought “if I can see it, they can see it and will fix it”. While they saw it, they were in no hurry to fix it.

As the build dragged on, we noticed more and more issues with the plasterwork resulting in a very uncomfortable conversation with our builder and subsequently the plasterer. In order to prepare for these conversations, we meticulously catalogued each and every issue we could find. While this may sound nit-picky, we’d had other problems with the build and wanted to make sure our builder got the message we weren’t going to put up with any more sh!t!

In these situations, I can’t stress enough that you need to speak up if you’re unhappy. It’s your home, your money and you have the right to live in a space that you love. If your walls are bowed and there are visible gaps where the light switches are, don’t accept the excuses. I was afraid to speak up, lest I rock the boat and the builders dropped tools. If that had happened (them dropping tools) it would have actually saved us a lot of heartbreak, as we are now on the third round of corrections to the plasterwork.

Remember, you are the client and they want your money! So spend it wisely!


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