Potty talk

One of the biggest elements of our build was refurbishing our teeny-tiny bog into something, well, not as tiny. It’s never going to win a bathroom of the year award or be featured in Architectural Digest, but we wanted it to at least be comfortable. And have a room that wasn’t covered in mould. Cause yeah, mouldy ceilings aren’t on most interior designers “top trends” lists. Unless I’m reading the wrong publications?

Just to give you a flavour of what we were dealing with:


I can’t believe we showered in that for years…Check out all that mould! All class, all the time around our place…


And a nice, mouldy shower tray!

The thing about our bathroom is that it was so small you could touch both walls if you spread your hands out. Further to this, it’s a very odd shape. It’s not a square or rectangle. Its almost as if you’re looking at a square and someone has folded one of the edges over? From what we could tell, the original bathroom was downstairs and previous owners decided to build a shower room upstairs. Without much thought, they dumped in a shower, toilet and sink and called it done.

I will say that when making decisions about the bathroom, I got really overwhelmed. With the kitchen, I felt like the decision process was easier as there was a limited range of options to choose from and it was easy to go with your gut. There was also more support in terms of design and finishes, whereas with the bathroom it felt like the wild west. My plumber was some help but if I have to hear “it’s really up to you, what you like” one more time I may go postal.

One thing we did know was that we wanted to come through the wall and extend the bathroom into one of the bedrooms, turning it from a small double to a comfortable single. This meant we would be able to have a bathtub at the very least. Sigh, I’ve been longing for a soak for years now…

And then the walls came out, and the shower tray came out and all of a sudden we were without facilities!


So what did we choose in the end and how did I deal with the indecision? You’ll just have to wait and find out!

One thing I will leave you with is a caution to be careful when carrying out any sort of works! Our builder actually came through the floor as the wood was so rotten from the old shower tray. He was incredibly lucky to have escaped with no injury but I’m sure he would have preferred not coming through the floor at all!

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