Plumbing is a dirty business…

While the structural elements were being nailed (see what I did there?!) there was also some serious plumbing taking place, including the installation of a brand new boiler! Note in North America we would call it a “hot water heater”. Oh yeah… have I mentioned I’m not actually British? Sometimes I use American words to describe things to my British builder and he looks at me like I’m nuts. Most recently I asked him to provide “flood lights” and it was like I had spoken to him in Swahili. And I’m digressing…

So there she is in all her unconnected glory!

When we originally planned our extension, we were going to have a downstairs bathroom and a laundry room (the stuff that dreams are made of, right?). It was within that space we were going to place a new boiler. You see, the boiler we had been using for the past two years was technically “unsafe”. When one of the prospective builders came around to quote on the extension he mentioned that if he were working for the gas company he would have had it condemned. Lord knows what could have happened…

But when we came to actually building the extension and drawing up plans for the new kitchen, we realised just how much space we were going to lose by having a new bathroom and laundry room. This presented a number of problems and forced us to make a few critical decisions, in real time.

When weighing the options, we kept coming back to the same three points:

  1. I have a problem with washing machines and dryers in kitchens. I find it really strange that this is considered commonplace in Britain. I realise there is a severe lack of space on this lovely little island but still, aren’t there better solutions? It’s where you prepare food. And there are lots of food smells (if you’re like me and love a clove of garlic and a takeaway curry).
  2. We only have one bathroom and it’s tiny. Not building a new bathroom meant that until we have a loft extension, there would be a lot of traffic through that tiny bog. I don’t love the idea of guests using my bathroom – call it a germ thing – and I don’t love the idea of people walking upstairs through my home.
  3. And… WHERE were we going to put the boiler?! If we didn’t have a new bathroom and laundry room, the boiler would have to be placed somewhere else.

So as we blocked out the new space and saw our dreams of a large kitchen disappearing before our eyes we decided to “can the can”. We would have to make do with one bathroom. As for the boiler, the only place left for it was in the loft.


And that’s how we ended up with 7 pipes running down our wall. Why so many pipes, you ask? Will save that for my next post!

Thanks for reading…

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