And the walls came tumbling down

So I’m not going to lie, I got a bit emotional when I came home from work and the original walls had been taken down. This emotion came from multiple places.


Firstly, it was so exciting to see this thing I had been imaging for two years finally coming to life. And it was better than I had imagined!

Secondly, the amount of space we were gaining was overwhelming (in the best way possible). As anyone who lives in the UK knows, space comes at a premium. I suppose the same could be true for a lot of places. So when I say that gaining roughly 4 feet on the side return made a huge difference, I really mean it.


But what really caught me off guard was the third emotion and that was a bit of sadness and nostalgia. I thought about all the meals we had made in that horrible little kitchen, making do and improvising with close to no pots and pans. I remembered the food fights (we may be in our mid-thirties and early forties but we still have food fights that for some reason always include eggs). The bresaola we cured in our first year. Out first Christmas dinner and Jimmy (the instigator of food fights) teaching me how to make sausage rolls.

There she is, in all her original glory

All of these memories so precious to me and they were woven into the fabric of those walls that had come down.

That said, look at all that space versus what we had before?!

I promise the next post will talk a bit more about the actual structural element. For now, you’ll have to forgive the walk down memory lane!

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