“Wall” starting to get real…

With the floors laid, the walls could officially be built. Now keep in mind, the original exterior walls were still standing, so we hadn’t felt the full brunt of building works as yet. It was still like Christmas morning when we came home from work and we could still cook in our kitchen. Lord above, I miss cooking and I miss healthy eating. I think I should set up a section with “building approved recipes” where I get creative for other poor schmucks like me… I’m digressing though!

The actual building of the walls only took about two days, but I didn’t manage to get any “in between” shots.

We have a wall…
and a big opening for windows.

Notice the big grey beam resting on both of the walls? Well, that’s a lintol and it is a load-bearing member placed over an entranceway. The lintol is the key support mechanism for the glass doors that are to eventually be installed (I will get there, I promise). In the end we sourced our own lintol, as the size determined the width of the glass doors we could purchase. Our ambition was to ensure we had as wide a door as possible, to let in a maximum amount of light.


The walls were built two bricks thick, with insulation inserted in-between each of the brick layers. There are codes around the amount of insulation / warmth required, and given we live in the UK, we were keen to ensure the new extension would be as comfortable as the rest of the house that we had rendered.

We didn’t choose the insulation (our builder chose it for us) but there are endless options for insulation. For those who are are a a bit more “green” you can even choose recycled denim as an insulator. A bit of research turns up the following: denim has all of the properties of a good insulator — its lower density reduces its thermal conductivity, which means it minimizes the transfer of heat from one material (your home) to another (the air around your home). As a result, denim insulation rivals fiberglass in its ability to serve as a barrier to both heat and sound. 

This was “wall” starting to get very real!

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