A round-up of favourite websites


Given all the time I’ve spent searching for bits and bobs, I thought I would share a few of my favourite websites, so you can also share in the delight! This isn’t an endorsement for any particular site, but rather where I have found things I loved and will put in my home (once its finished).

  1. Crowdyhouse: This site bills itself as “home to Europe’s most exciting designers” with over 6,000 designers being represented. They are all about discovering designers from all over the continent and giving them a platform – even the “super edgy ones with a small commercial audience”. You might think I’m crazy, but I actually bought these candle holders. They are definitely not conventional but they are whimsical and I couldn’t help but think how fun it would be to host a dinner party and have a chat over some chicken legs!
  2. Rockett St George: The founders of this wonderful company seemingly talk about having trouble finding homeware that was interesting and amusing and I definitely share their struggle! That said, I also don’t want to pay the world for those amusing items and I think that RSG is actually reasonably priced. Of course there are some items that might make your eyes water (like this palm tree lamp I’m desperate for) but it is mixed with affordable goods that should make your heart sing (like this little side table)!
  3. Swoon Editions: Okay okay, so I know this isn’t a “best kept secret” but I like Swoon for a lot of reasons. Primarily because it is a company that really strives to bring beautifully hand-crafted furniture to the market, while selling items at fair prices. I also like the “small batch” approach, as I want the items in my home to feel expensive (not be expensive). What has caught my attention you ask? Only this table, edition limited to nine and these bar stools, edition limited to 108. How cool to get handmade furniture at box store prices?!

I have more, but I need to keep something up my sleeve, right?! What’s your favourite site? Please share!

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