Let the renovation begin

Fast forward 18 months and we were finally in a position to get started – and boy did we need the work done! I’ve included some photos taken throughout the house, to give you a sense of just how dire the place actually was (and currently is, if I’m honest). I mean, it was and is liveable and all, but in terms of functionality and comfort, our situation was closer to camping than actually living in a home…

My favorite part of the house, since you asked, was the lean-to at the back, which housed our pink window-less toilet. Needless to say, I never sat on that porcelain throne!  The lean-to did come in handy last year when we decided to grow tomatoes – it was like The Day of the Triffids in that little east-facing hot house! Our plants reached over 12 feet, which in itself was a feat.

In terms of the work to be completed, we planned for several serious structural changes that we felt would make the space more comfortable and easier to move through.

The smaller structural change was to break down the wall that separated our two living rooms.  As the rooms were (are) on the small side, we felt that removing the wall would make space feel bigger, while also modernizing the house. We also wanted to ensure that the middle room would benefit from access to as much natural light as possible, given it would have no windows once the other renovations were finished.

The other large structural element of the renovation was to completely tear down the back of the house and extend back into the garden and through the side return. Sadly, the lean-to (and pink porcelain palace) would have to go… But in doing this, we would be able to have a large usable kitchen, additional storage and we had the opportunity to open up the back of the house to the garden. Rather than build up another wall we designed the room with large bi-fold doors to the garden, to capitalize on the morning sunlight, allowing for a bright and airy space we could enjoy year round.

In addition to the structural changes, both guest rooms need re-plastering, painting, sockets made flush, moved pendant lights, and a refurbished bathroom. The works! And we just had to find someone who could do all of this for us, while not costing the earth…

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