Lighting lessons

Pendant Guide

For once I have decided to take my own advice and I’ve started thinking critically about what lighting we will need for our kitchen (whenever it may be finished).

How is the daily access to natural light? Our plan is to have bifold doors at the back of our home/kitchen, to let in as much of the morning light as possible (space is east facing). In addition, we will add Velux windows to the side return, so this is going to be a bright, open space all day.

What is the purpose of the room? As its the kitchen, we will be cooking in here. Duh. But for me that means having well lit work spaces, no matter the time of day.

How do other members of the house use the room? We spend a lot of time cooking and baking and eating and we tend to socialise in the kitchen together. We also like to make dinner for friends and family, so the lighting will need to transition well throughout meals.

Are there any showcase pieces we will hang? We hadn’t thought putting any art into the kitchen until… we found a vintage eye chart that you plug in and light up! It’s ridiculously cool (in my opinion) and will be a nice addition to a crisp, clean, modern kitchen. This little gem will also contribute to the lighting in the room, but is really more of a show piece. Further to that we are also thinking about whether we want to paint an accent wall (when the time comes).

Taking all of this into account, I’ve focused not only on downlights, but also on the pendant lights that will fall over the designed kitchen island. What I’ve ultimately decided upon was the HOLDEN pendant, as it’s neutral, the smaller size will allow for us to hang three lights and it won’t necessarily detract from the the other elements of the room (including our eye chart).

What do you think? Should we go for one big and bold pendant instead?

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