Not so blue Monday


I promise I’m interested in more than just blue bathrooms but as I’m considering using a similar palette for my own space, I’m likely to appear a one-trick pony for the time being. What strikes me most about this image is actually the attention to detail (oh, and the lovely marble). Look closely, can you see a navy medicine cabinet in the reflection of the brass mirror? You’ll perhaps notice the glass on the front of the cabinet matches the glass on the beautiful art-deco style light next to the mirror. It’s a small detail, but to me, it shows that the designer of this room paid attention to every detail and went to great lengths to make a cohesive space. I also love the milk-glass ceiling light (I can’t tell by the image whether it’s mounted or a pendant light. I’m not going to lie, I immediately went online and tried to source some of those elements including the following:

My hunt for a similar medicine cabinet continues (and I’d greatly appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction!)

And finally, I’m not sure of the designer or photographer for this particular image (I came across it during a Google search) so if anyone knows who the respective parties are, let me know so I can attribute it properly. Thanks!

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