Colour me happy, I love painting walls!

Thinking like every other DIY-er we decided to scope out the colors at Farrow & Ball first. The quirky names and the lovely shades held an immediate appeal, even if the cost didn’t. Initially, we purchased the tester pots in a number of colors including Elephants Breath, Purbeck Stone, Light Blue, Manor House Gray, Plummett and Down Pipe (pictured below).

PalletteYou can see we were working within a certain range of colors and this was because we’d fallen in love with a fabric we wanted to use for our curtains. Deep, rich silver and “dots” set against navy, patterned in horizontal lines, it was perfect (and it still is).

To really get a feel for how the colors looked we painted large squares all over the room, to view it in different lights. Note we had already painted a mist coat on top of the new plaster. Let this be a warning that new plaster is thirsty and you will need to apply a mist coat before proceeding.

Once we decided upon a color (Manor House Grey), we actually brought the paint we liked to a different provider to have it matched. I won’t say who, but I believe most paint suppliers provide the service.

Now here is the part where I am stepping into dicey territory: rollers vs. brushes. My partner is a former painter-decorator and his father is a retired painter-decorator (with some serious skills). I swear that even mentioning a roller brush nearly resulted in a break-up. Not being a professional myself, I didn’t know the difference but apparently, there is one. For what it’s worth? Go for whatever is comfortable and what you can handle. If you’re doing the painting yourself and can get a smoother finish, use a roller brush. I promise I won’t tell.

Just do it, have fun and remember:

  1. Be bold. Test and try lots of colors and don’t be afraid to pick a few “out of the box” options. It’s only paint and you can always change your mind.
  2. Look for inspiration. I know this sounds super cheesy, but look around you and look at nature. What works? What colors are you drawn to naturally? There is study after study about which colors help soothe your mood and which are appropriate for bedrooms etc. But in reality, you should choose whats going to work for you.
  3. Paint “around” an item. As mentioned, we found curtains we absolutely loved and so made a decision on the paint color based around the fabric. I don’t regret this decision at all, as I love the curtains and they are still the best feature of our room (in my opinion).

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